Blakeney Harbour 12 x 15 Print




This painting of the north Norfolk coastal village was done a few years ago when I was doing craft shows and exhibitions around the coast. I wanted one view that would say “Blakeney”. Normally I would look for a church or market place, but to me the point of Blakeney (from a visitors point of view) is the harbour and the marshes. So I thought this view with the hotel looking out over the quay would work. I’m pleased with the result. Light summer skies but with the waters already darkening as unseen clouds drift in, yeah that’s the Norfolk coast.

Mounted Art Information:

Giclee Print. On Fine Art Paper. (Standard Size.)

Image size. 28.1  x 20.5 cm. ( Aprox.)

Single white mount.

Mounted Size  38.1 x 30.5 cm. ( 12 x 15 inch.) £25